why windowcrafters

Our History

One of the most important parts of purchasing any product is deciding who to buy from. Not all companies are equal and it is important to make certain the company is well established, has a good market reputation and has a long history of manufacturing quality products. Windowcrafters has been proudly manufacturing AMERICAN MADE windows for over 40 years in Tucker, Georgia. Our ongoing commitment to customer satisfaction speaks volumes with our base of business being long standing repeat customers who have purchased from us for decades. Larger corporate customers such as The Home Depot who we supply special products to, find us easy to work with. Homeowners who return to purchase windows for multiple homes trust our quality and commitment. This all starts with the owners who treat every customer with the respect they want to be treated with when they do a personal project. With over a million custom windows installed all over the South we will we strive to earn your business every day. We service markets including residential, new construction, sun rooms, light commercial, multi-family, churches, assisted living, hotels, public housing and any other application that vinyl windows meet the specifications.

Our goal is to be a nice alternative to a mega retailer or building Supply Company. All our windows are built with attention to the details that matter and we don’t overlook the most important detail; our customers. We service markets including residential, new construction, sun rooms, light commercial, multi-family, churches, assisted living, hotels, public housing and any other application that vinyl windows meet the specifications.


Manufacture quality vinyl windows, to each customer’s unique specifications, with exceptional service, short lead times and significant value. While supporting the Georgia Economy and not loosing sight of our customers.


what makes us different

We manufacture windows wholesale for contractors and work direct with homeowners offering installation services

buy direct

Purchasing at the point of origin or place of production. No middleman. Buying direct from Windowcrafters puts you in contact with the manufacturer of the windows, the people responsible for quality control, pricing, product development, production schedules and last but not least fulfillment of the warranty. Buying direct gives you the quickest lead time, the lowest price, the fastest order to delivery, and the most accurate information. Buying direct ensures your windows are right the first time and if they are not Windowcrafters will fix them!

buy custom

Products are made to order each time, manufactured to a unique specifications for a particular customer. Purchasing custom windows from Windowcrafters ensures you’ll get exactly what your looking for. With access to options that fits your project. This does not mean expensive, long lead times, or complicated. The process is simple and easy and Windowcrafters specializes in custom, unique, and hard to find windows. It does not matter if the project calls for a standard new construction stock size window or a unique size. Windowcrafters makes all windows the same and does not change the lead times or price for custom.

buy local

Nearby, close, and serving the needs of a particular area. Working with a company that is accessible by geography Buying windows local from Windowcrafters eliminates the stress of working with an out of state companies or a mega retailer. Our convenient manufacturing facilities in Tucker, Georgia saves time, money, allows for quick delivery or pick up and makes warranty fulfillment simple. Stop by our local showroom Monday- Friday for 8am to 4pm and have one of our experienced customer service professionals help with your next project.

we deliver on time

Windowcrafters is committed to on time delivery and quick lead times. When we issue a promise date, it is our goal to deliver on-time, every time. We understand construction projects schedules are scheduled around building products and we don’t want the windows to be the hold up. When we say 15 days the windows will be done. That is only 3 weeks for windows exactly to your specifications. Projects with installation services have a standard timeline of 4 -5 weeks for completion. That means the windows will be measured, manufactured, and installed in 4-5 weeks, which is half the time of most companies who provide turn key installation services. When you purchase windows or doors from Windowcrafters it is one less thing to worry about on your project.

Low maintenance

Busy lifestyles require low maintenance living and vinyl windows provide the best solution. Home maintenance is generally not fun and Windowcrafters vinyl windows help provide a solution. Our windows are waterproof, impervious to rot, mold / mildew, corrosion, rust, insects, structurally rigid and stable, and require no painting.

Low maintenance is also about making things easy. Who doesn’t like easy and simple, and we try to make all parts of the purchasing process this way. Field maintenance often referred to warranty work is usually not easy. If you have a problem with your product after it is installed, Windowcrafters stands behind the warranty. We will conduct a full inspection and determine the best way to solve the problem. There will be no difficulty getting us on the phone and no long delays in taking care of the issue. If we install the windows we cover all the details. This helps you maintain your investment.

attention to details

Paying attention to details is the only way to manufacture a high performance window. Selecting the materials to manufacture a high performance window is a detailed analysis. All these materials work together as a system to ensure improved comfort. This happens through the reduction of heat loss and the reduction of solar heat gain. Improved indoor air quality through less air infiltration. Quieter interior spaces through insulated glass units. Vinyl with superior strength to ensure no rotting or warping. Windowcrafters pays attention to details such as manufacturing a window that will help lower utility costs and increase home value and we don’t forget the most important detail, our customers.

we amaze our clients

Customers frequently visit the factory and are amazed by the service we offer. Our friendly office staff with over 40 years experience is at your service Monday thru Friday from 8 am to 4 pm. Windows are complicated and having a team committed to solving problems, offering product suggestions, and technical knowledge is invaluable. Our team is interested in every customer no matter the size of the order and it shows when you walk in the showroom. We also offer factory tours to show customers exactly where there windows will be manufactured.

Our retail staff offers no hassle in home estimates designed to help customer’s feel at ease and answer questions. We amaze with this no pressure approach and knowledgeable field consultants. We do not require long sales presentations with a bait and switch sales process. Our goal is to share knowledge and instill confidence that your home is as important as our own.

product quality

Windowcrafters windows do more than look good, we are dedicated to manufacturing an energy efficient, technologically advanced, maintenance free window all proudly manufactured in the USA. This commitment does not stop at the manufacturing process it extends to warranty fulfillment. Warranties don’t mean quality, they are simply a pieced of paper. It is a companies commitment to quality and relationships that determine warranty fulfillment. Years of experience and an effort to continuously improve products makes all Windowcrafters windows a great choice. All windows can be configured to meet Energy Star requirements.