superior constant force window blance operational performance

constant force balance 700

Open and close your windows with smooth, quiet and out of sight performance as an option on our 700 series window. The unique wheel and patented pivot bar system provides superior constant force window blance operational performance.

The Four Jaks Constant Force Window Balance is “Built to withstand a Hurricaine, but made for effective everday use!” The Four Jaks Balance enhances your windows with the following beneffits:

  • Constant force spring provides smooth, even operating force!
  • No adjustments required!
  • Corrosion resistant stainless steel coils!
  • American made product!
  • Spring manufacture by American Spring Compnay with 150 years of experience!
  • Smooth operation with reduced noise provided by the coil riding on the wheel!
  • Patented sash retaining pvot bar to shoe system!
  • Mounts below the meeting rail so no balance cover is required!
  • A single pair of 9 lb coils for a 18 lb sash!
  • System stackable up to four springs for a 72 lb sash!
  • Preassembled for easier manufacturing or field replacement!
  • AAMA approved 902-99!
  • Four Jaks balances have been engineered with customer satisfaction as a priority:

performance unmatched

Inverted Windows Balance 900 990

The Balance Systems Inverted Windows Balance will enhance your windows by providing a long, dependable service life combined with excellent operating forces. Leading window manufacturers have relied on BSI for over 25 years! The BSI Inverted Windows Balance enhances your window with the following benefits:

  • Balance shoe and mounting hook have been designed for easy installation and removal!
  • New locking T-shoe allows you to install the sash similar to a standard friction shoe!
  • A tested life cycle of 700 times greater than the industry standard! Equivalent to opening and closing your window every day, once a day for the next 85 years!
  • BSI balances offer the best operating forces in the industry!
  • BSI balances do not loose tension over time!
  • BSI balances do not leak grease in hot temperatures, like other systems!
  • Eliminates service calls for adjusting balances. All balances are pretensioned specifically for each window size!
  • BSI balances have a protective metal channel and are resistant to construction dirt, sheet rock dust, and cleaning materials which destroy other types of balances!
  • Balance shoe and pivot interlock sash to jamb for ease of window installation & handling!

BSI balances have been engineered with highest quality components:

  • Steel springs chemically sealed with a rust preventive coating
  • High tensile strength galvanized steel or aluminum casing
  • Each cord has been rated to hold over 125 pounds