window strength from custom craftsmanship

Our composite materials = pure performance

We use a variety of hardware components to maximize the performance value of the window including locks, keepers, tilt latches, vent stops and more. Upgrade to composite material for improved performance.

tilt latches

The Tilt Latch is made from High Performance Composite Materials. Rated at DP 65+, the Bullet is stronger than the window. It features: 1) Larger Nose cross section for performance, 2) Easy Clean top with no visible moving parts, and 3) Low Profile and deep finger well for easy use.

vent stops

The Vent Stop is a High Performance Composite Vent Stop. 1) Unique Anti trigger feature prevents false openings from Weatherstrip passing by. 2) 11 points of load Displacement give you all of the holding power you will ever need!

composite DH locks

Our high performance composite DH Sash Locks look like they have a Powder Coated Finish! They feature the Benefits of the Patented Self Adjusting Steelgray Cam. Misalignment Problems are Fixed, Forever with the self locating cam to keeper engagement. Our composite hardware is 100% Lead free!

metal locks

The 900 SH window utilize a durable metal lock and keeper system.

** Our composite hardware is 100% lead free!