spacers that don’t break a sweat

The dura platform spacer difference

Spacers are the elements that go between both pieces of glass where the insulating gasses are stored. Having high quality spacers is of paramount concern since that is what will keep your windows insulated & free from from fogging over the years. In addition to these tasks, spacers also serve to keep out the elements. In esscence, your window is only as good as the spacers that go in it. This is why Windowcrafters is proud to use the Duraseal platform.

Dura platform differences

  • Dura Platform spacer have a three sided, continious flexible moisutre batrrier that is impermeable to gas and water vapor.
  • A protected layer of concentrated desiccant prolongs unit life.
  • Dura Platform spacer trap air in sealed insulating chambers which reduce energy loss and improves condensation resistance.
  • Dura Platform spacers offer two options of warm edge technology. Duraseal with aluminum and Duralite, which contains no metal.
  • A durable moisture resistance bondline adhesive protects the window from exposure to UV rays and water.

Double Glazed Windows

Our Dura Platform warm edge spacer systems reduce the amount of energy loss when heating and cooling homes. This in turn reduces the amount of carbon dioxide created and the impact on the environment. The Dura platform has two main options: Duralite which boasts a polycarbonate shim and has no metal in the spacer and Duraseal uses an aluminum shim.

Over 50 million windows and over 1 billion feet of Dura Platform spacer have been produced in less than 5 years. No other spacer system has grown faster in North America than Truseal’s Dura Platform. Patent No. 6,581,341