Choosing Vinyl

When it comes to windows, vinyl is an all-around excellent choice and virtually maintenance-free. Unlike wood, vinyl windows will never rot and do not require painting. Unlike aluminum, vinyl windows will not pit, flake or conduct heat. Not all vinyl window are the same and there are differences in the quality of one manufacturer’s vinyl compared to another. All Windowcrafters windows are made from the highest quality vinyl profiles extruded by Chelsea Building Products®. At first glance, competing windows may look similar, but there are many differences and how the vinyl is chemically formulated will impact the windows strength. Each additive to the vinyl formula helps determine the long – term characteristics of the final product. Like weathering, heat and cold resistance. Windowcrafters windows provide years of headache free performance.

    Increased Comfort

  • Extruded vinyl frames have insulating air chambers in the frame that are part of creating a more comfortable inside temperature and help reduce noise. Vinyl frames cut down on air infiltration that is often caused by expansion and contraction of wood and metal frame windows.
  • Easy Operation

  • Vinyl windows are structurally rigid and stable. They do not shrink, swell, bow, warp or crack which can cause windows to be difficult to open.
  • Weatherability

  • The premium vinyl used in Windowcrafter vinyl windows can stand up to extreme weather conditions year after year and is not affected by water, snow or Georgia’s hot summer heat.
  • Low Maintenance

  • The color of the vinyl is integrated throughout so frames and sash will never require painting. The vinyl is fade-resistant, will not pit for pollution, dirt, and salt spray, and is not damaged by insects.
  • Sustainability

  • Vinyl provides excellent life cycle benefits with limited scrap in production and vinyl scrap is recyclable. Vinyl requires no finishing and vinyl windows provide increased energy efficiency lowing energy consumption.
  • Value

  • Vinyl windows are highly resistant to heat loss or gain, help reduce condensation, will not burn unless they are enveloped in a flame, do not cut down trees for fabrication depleting forests. They are warrantied for a Lifetime for a one time purchase.
  • What more can you ask for?